How do I use it?

To start borrowing things you first need to register on our website and decide if you will be a Member or Casual User.

  • Membership is a cost but fees are lower, this will benefit regular borrowers.
  • Casual Users do not pay membership but the borrowing fee is higher, it you only need to borrow once or twice a year this may be better for you.

Once you have registered and chosen how you would like to borrow you can start to borrow. Please don’t forget to bring your ID with your current address to the library when you collect your first loan.

What do you have?

We have tents and camping equipment, hand and power tools, for the garden, lawnmowers, strimmers and other equipment, kitchen gadgets, board games, sewing machines and an overlockers

Please follow this link to the Things

What don’t we have? Equipment for children. Other than that, if you can’t see what you need on our website please ask: facebook or email link?

What if you don’t have what I need?

Tell us what you need and if we can source it we will, or we will add it to our list of requests. no idea is too ridiculous. Please let us know what you would like the library to stock by completing / following the link???????

We are open for pick ups, collections or just come along and have a chat at the following times:

  • Monday - 12pm - 2:00pm
  • Thursday - 7pm - 8:30pm
  • Saturday - 10:30am - 12:30pm

Please drop us a line at You can also contact us via facebook or Instagram

Where is the Kernow Library of Things

You can find us at the Old Gentlemen's Hut in Penryn on Quay Hill (next to Seabourne Fish, across from Jubilee Wharf).

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