Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of the Members Agreement are in place to ensure that Kernow Library of Things (KLOTH) operated fairly and with respect for all those who use and manage the library. If we discover that you are not respecting the Members Agreement and our guidance on how to use KLOTH and its items in a safe and proper manner, we reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time. Feedback, ideas, and stories of borrowing are welcome at any time. Please contact us on info@kloth.org.uk or visit us during opening hours.

Members Agreement

Joining Kernow Library of Things (KLOTH)

To become a member of KLOTH you must:

  • Be aged 18 or over.
  • Give your personal details for the use on KLOTHS membership and library software (Myturn: kloth.org.uk), details required are: Full name, current address, valid email address and a valid phone number.
  • Confirm your identify and residential address by presenting a valid photo ID and proof of address when you borrow your first thing.
  • Pay the appropriate annual or monthly membership
  • Agree to thie Members Agreement and KLOTH’s Liability Waiver

Being a Member:

  • You confirm that you are aged 18 or over.
  • You agreed to keep your personal details on KLOTH software up to date and correct.

Reserving the Things:

  • You agree to use KLOTH library software to manage your borrowing. Things must be reserved and renewed through your account, if you require assistance with your reservation please do not hesitate to contact us on info@kloth.org.uk. You may renew items if they have not been reserved by another member. KLOTH reserve the right to refuse or limit renewals based on demand and at KLOTHs discretion.
  • You agree to cancel reservations in good time if the item is no longer required to ensure that it is available to other members.
  • You agree to pay outstanding payments in full. Any outstanding payments must be paid in full before reserving and borrowing any additional things.

Borrowing the Things:

  • All things are loaned for one week initially, you agree to return the item on or before the stated return date
  • You agree to have your identity verified with photo ID at least once but potentially each time your collect an item.
  • You agree to visually check the items before borrowing and using them, this is particularly important for electrical equipment. For example, check you have all the parts of the item, check wires and plugs for any visible damage before use, do not use any items outside or near water if the item is not intended for those uses.
  • You agree to use items borrowed from KLOTH in a safe and proper manner. You are responsible for using any item you borrow for the job it is intended to do, familiarising yourself with how to use the item, taking appropriate precautions and wearing protective equipment where necessary. KLOTH accepts not responsibility for demonstrating usage.
  • You agree to immediately stop using any borrowed item if it becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair and to report this and any accidental damage to info@kloth.org.uk or in the library when you return the item.
  • You agree to store any items borrowed securely to ensure they are safe during the loan period.
  • You agree not to allow any other person to use the items you have checked out from KLOTH. You are insured to borrow items but this does not extend to any other person. It an item is used by another person any damage to their person or property will not be insured.
  • You agree not to borrow items from KLOTH to carry out professional work where you are charging a fee to a third party. You will not be insured for this activity and your membership may be terminated.
  • You agree to return items to the library in a clean state.

Returning the Things:

  • You agree to return things on time to ensure that other members are not kept waiting for a reservation, please ensure that you take note of your return due date and of our opening hours. Any items returned late do incur a late fee, if the item is not returned and you do not contact us to discuss this, we reserve the right to charge you the full replacement fee for the items.
  • You agree to return items in the same condition they were issued, ensuring they have been cleaned if necessary. We expect normal wear and tear but please ensure that you contact us if you damage an item or feel that it is not working correctly.
  • You agree to accept KLOTH’s assessment of the condition of returned items and that KLOTH can charge fair compensation for damage, misuse, delinquency and/ or loss of items in part or in total., this cost could be up to the full replacement value of the item.
  • You agree to pay fees promptly, fees must be paid in full before borrowing. Fees are agreed by KLOTH and advertised clearly on each item in the catalogue. KLOTH reserves the right to use appropriate steps to retrieve items, cost of damages or unpaid fees and costs. This includes the use of legal action; the costs of such action will be charged to you. KLOTH reserves the right to forgive fees due to special circumstances.]
  • For an item to be considered returned it must be given to a member of KLOTH staff who will check its condition and mark it as returned on the system. Please do not leave items outside the premises if we are closed. Contact us on info@kloth.org.uk if you are unable to return it when we are open and we can discuss alternative options